Fridge Repair

Great Tips to Avoid Toronto Fridge Repair

Fridge breakdowns can be a nuisance and cause a number of problems. All your stored food will either be spoiled or will have to be thrown away. In addition to this, the cost of Toronto fridge repair might mess up your expected monthly budget. The refrigerator is one appliance in your house that probably runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In other words, your fridge is never switched off. Therefore, common breakdown problems can occur now and then.   Here are some great maintenance tips you call follow to avoid fridge repair in Toronto:

Clean the Coils Regularly

The condenser coils must be cleaned regularly, at least twice every year. These coils are responsible for balancing the heat from the freezer and the refrigerator. The condenser coils can be found at the back or below the unit. They resemble radiator coils and dust and debris can get stuck in the coils easily. When the layer of dust becomes too thick, it becomes harder for the coils to remove heat from the fridge effectively. These results in higher energy consumption and can cause a situation which will require Toronto fridge repair.  

toronto fridge repair

Don’t Leave Too Much Space Empty

Some fridges need to be filled up with food moderately to cool properly and evenly. This is why it is recommended that you consider your requirements when buying a new fridge. If you hardly cook at home and mostly get takeout, it is best to buy a smaller unit which is suited to your needs. If you have a refrigerator which is bigger than you require, just fill up the space with a few jugs of water.

Also, Don’t Overload  

Having said about the dangers of keeping a fridge empty, overloading it is also not a good idea. If you want to prevent the need of frequent repairs, make sure that the shelves and the door is not overloaded with food. This can damage the hinges on the door and also prevent the cooling mechanism from working properly.

Make Sure the Door Seals are working

Loosening up of the seal on the door can cause problems with the cooling inside the fridge and might put too much pressure on the mechanism. A loose seal will make the cool air from inside the fridge to seep out, thus making the temperature rise inside. This will cause the cooling mechanism to work harder than required. If the seal is not fixed for a long time, this might result in the need for Toronto fridge repair.

The rubber seal that lines that doorway of the refrigerator is known as the gasket and even if the seal is working fine, it is a good idea to check up on it every now and then. Make sure to keep it clean regularly and

Therefore, these are some easiest tips that you can follow to keep your fridge running without any need for frequent Toronto fridge repair. However, if your fridge is showing signs of a breakdown, it is best to hire a professional repairman to take a look at it.