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Which Is The Best Time For Duct Cleaning?

Most of the homeowners in Toronto are well-aware of the fact that dust, debris, and other harmful contaminants starts to build up on the ducts of the HVAC system. The buildup of dust, debris, grime, etc often leads up to allergies. It also affects the quality of indoor air and when a person breathes in this air, they are bound to fall sick. Hence, in order to keep the air ducts dust free, it is important to go for duct cleaning Toronto services.

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How Often The Cleaning Should Be Done?

When cleaning one’s home, most people often forget to clean their ducts. Sometimes they might not be even aware of the fact that cleaning the air ducts on the home from time to time is a crucial job. After all a properly cleaned ducts, not only can improve the quality of air, but can also lessen the amount of harmful contaminants as well as molds and allergens.

People having respiratory problems like asthma are prone to dust and allergens even more. Hence, they often come up with one question when is the right time to get the air ducts cleaned? Well, the best time to get air ducts cleaned is when the pollen counts are low.


Look Out For the Signsduct cleaning service

Homeowners are often requested by duct cleaning Toronto professional to look out for some signs of a dirty air duct. For instance, if one can smell foul smell or see dander or dust all over the floor or furniture, then one can be sure of the fact that the air ducts are dirty. Similarly, when one sees dust blowing out of the air supply channel, then the air ducts need to be cleaned.

However, if homeowners are still unsure of the fact whether their air ducts need cleaning, they can call professional duct cleaners. According to duct cleaners, the ideal time to clean air ducts is during the fall. Getting the ducts cleaned can help one to get fresh air without the fear of dust or debris being circulated along with the air.


Other Situations

Newborns: However, duct cleaning needs can change according to situations. Duct cleaning Toronto professionals provide several examples. For instance, if you have newborn baby in your house, you should get the air ducts cleaned after every six months. It would prevent the little one from falling sick and also developing lung diseases.

Moisture Problem: Moisture often leads to the growth of mold within the air ducts. In order to get rid of the mold growth, duct cleaning services is essential. Professionals can get the entire duct work cleaned and replace the air filters if necessary.

New Construction: When moving into a new house, opting for duct cleaning Toronto services is important. Duct cleaning professionals can easily get rid of sawdust, fiberglass pieces, and other debris from the air ducts.


Professional cleaners might advice to clean the air ducts after every two-three years. However, depending on the condition of health of homeowners, air ducts should be cleaned. In case of any queries, it would be best if one take the help of duct cleaning Toronto expert.